Love Is Spoken Here by Chyp Maikoski

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This is the second design in our I'm Kzoo series. This is a limited run design with part of the profit going directly to the artist that created the design! 

Chyp: "It's a personal piece (as most of my pieces are) and a continuation of a previous drawing I did named "speechless". The speechless drawing is a front portrait of a skull surrounded by tiger lilies and one hinge of the jaw is hanging off the top part of the skull. This was drawn during a difficult time of my life. The piece i submitted is named "love is spoken here", it has no jaw and flower pedals spilling from the mouth with a forward movement. This is created in retaliation to that piece. I'm in a better place now."

 Find out more about Chyp Maikoski and our I'm Kzoo Project on our news page.